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Demo Review

Demo review services are also provided to independent music artists and songwriters who wish to get an objective listen and critique of their music. Think your demo has what it takes? Get your demo reviewed by Bob himself!


Affordable telephone/virtual consultations are available to clients that wish to seek advice about a particular matter. Clients who to take advantage of this service and will retain our services at a discounted fee.


*Due to COVID-19 and to maintain the health and safety of our staff, all in-office meetings/consultations are suspended at this time

Our Other Services

Artist Management Agreements

Artist Furnishing Agreements

Music Video Production Agreements

Domestic and International Recording / Distribution Agreements

Live Performance and Touring Agreements

Producer Agreements

Independent Label Consultation

Pressing & Distribution Agreements / Joint Venture Agreements

Merchandising and Licensing Agreements

Sample Clearance

Executive Employment Compensation Agreements

More Services

  • Co-Publishing, Administration and Licensing Agreements
  • Film Financing, Production and Talent Agreements
  • Web Development and New Media Agreements
  • Trademark and Copyright Registration
  • Litigation Services
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