Getting Signed to a Record Label is the Result of Hard Work

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We have all seen the movies where the charismatic lead character starts his own rock band, plays a couple of shows in a local club and then suddenly gets his big break to audition for a record label executive. The label executive likes what he hears and the young musician starts on his new music career. Anyone that has ever signed a music contract knows that this is not how to get signed to a record label. The actual process of getting signed is long and difficult. The musician must put in hours of hard work before finally getting the attention of the right people. A smart musician also starts to work with an experienced entertainment lawyer to get good legal advice and gain even more exposure.

When you are trying to figure out how to get signed to a record label, the first thing that you realize is that you need to constantly expand your network of connections. Before you even get the chance to talk to record label executives, there is a whole list of other people that you need to get in your corner first. A good entertainment lawyer will often have contacts in the industry that can help improve your quest for a label deal. An entertainment attorney will also know which record executives tend to look for new talent and which executives like to stay with established names. A good entertainment attorney can be that foot in the door that you need to get your music career off the ground.

A good entertainment lawyer is important in learning how to get signed to a record label for other reasons as well. The music business runs on complicated contracts and agreements that are there to protect the artist and the record label. The label has its lawyers in place to make sure that the deals the label is offering are profitable for the company. That is why you need to have your legal representation in place as well. A good lawyer will be able to protect your interests when you finally do get that record contract put in front of you. An experienced entertainment law firm will make certain that you get a deal that will help you be successful.

We can show you how to get signed to a record label, and we can put our years of experience to work for you when that label deal is finally presented to you. Call our staff of experienced legal experts to help get your music career off the ground.

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  • J. Colon

    Really appreciated reading this article, this is commonly one of the biggest mistake indie artist suffer from vs the money spent on the initial budget. Meanwhile ones should sacrifice their biggest investment in an entertainment lawyer, who has the RIGHT CONNECTIONS.

    Lovely to see the publish date was my bday!!!!

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