Avoid Being Lured into a Bogus Contract

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The life of an artist in the entertainment industry is never easy. Apart from the various pressures of the profession, one also has to be wary of the numerous legalities involved in the same. For one who is young and is slowly gaining prominence in any of the fields, be it music, films, etc, now is the right time to learn all about how to avoid issues in the future.

What is a copyright?

Any person who has created literature, music, drama, films or art has a lawful right to own the same and the creation cannot be used by anyone else without prior consent. Since all these professions involve a lot of creativity (which can only be measured so far in money), it is a fair deal if the creator wants to reap the fruits of the hard work. The Copyright Act ensures that any such actions can be taken up in the court of law.

Here is a list of the rights you are entitled to as an artist:

  • The right to reproduce your work.
  • The right to distribute it in the market.
  • The right to perform in front of an audience.
  • The right to make the public aware of your work.
  • The right to make an adaptation of the work.
  • The right to translate the work in any other languages.
  • The right to include it in any cinematographic films.

It takes some time for an amateur to understand all these in the beginning. There are so many other things that seem important at that time with people contacting you and asking you to publish your songs, film book, etc. with their companies. However, it is always advisable to take some time out and learn everything that you are entitled to, before it becomes too late.

Our firm provides legal advice to people from different aspects of the entertainment industry. We will help you to understand how to draw a contract with a third party, what to expect when it comes to big companies, when to draw a line, etc. Next time any music publisher offers to co-publish your work or wants to have an administration contract, make sure you know all about the same before committing anything in writing. We also offer consultation over the telephone at a competitive fee.

Get ready for a bright future without any hassles.



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  • John William

    Hi, My name is John William
    I have written a book that I think is very good and deserves the distribution necessary to help its intended audience. IT is a book that combines Lacanian theory with a hands on self help style motif designed to be appreciated by a lay readership. I have read most of the other offerings of this type and think very strongly in my heart that mine is the exception except for one single title of his own notes, the Ecrits. I think that Slavoj Zizek has done a great job offering this difficult material to the general populace but that my work borrows less from the current literature and focuses more on my own personal insights concerning theory in terms of self help and self cure which I have had to assess in myself due to my struggles which are common with Bipolar and scizotypia something that lacan fails to assess in his own work most likely to the detailing of these symptoms as dementia precox. I studied at the College of Charleston and UNCA but took no degree because of my illness and it has upset me that my work has remained unavailable, I would love to present you with a transcript see what you think, and go from there.

    I have soley selected your firm, thank you very kindly

    John William

  • John William

    I am also a musician and have produced a large body of original material concerning these issues of theory from a personal perspective, I feel my work is just what this industry needs at the present time, and you can listen to it on sound cloud, just a sampling really on my facebook known as my email but on face book, or as John William Bell the fourth

    Thanks again


  • John William

    I would like the book to be the liner notes

  • Johnnie

    Thanks for the informative and observation with the article avoid being lured into a bogus contract. Some songs written,copywritten,registered with the library of congress and registered with PRO’s (performing rights organizations)presently has the copyright termination rights as an innuendo.I have such a catalogue and would like your recommendation and assistance with how to go about obtaining a proper notice of terminaton draft for a few songs that’s copywritten with artist and repertoire ephemerally.

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