[Video] Your Entertainment Career Dream Team Part 1: Artist Manager

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Your Entertainment Career Dream Team Part 1: Artist Manager

Welcome! My name is Bob Celestin. I’m an entertainment attorney based here in New York City. Welcome to another one of my video episodes on legal advice for generation DIY or generation Hustle.

Every successful artist has got a great team behind them. You too, as an up and coming artist, are going to need a great team to help you with your career. This video is about what I consider the four core members of any artist’s team. Any successful artist has these four members. They are a manager, entertainment attorney, an agent, and a business manager.

Let’s talk first and foremost about the personal manager. I talked about it in an earlier episode. A personal manager is that person who team with people. They are going to be responsible for the overall career that you as the artist want to have. They got to be responsible for advising you, counseling you, and negotiating deals on your behalf.

They’re going to act as your liaison to other third parties that may want to furnish your services. They’ll be talking to the promoters. They’ll be talking to the movie directors, product placement companies, the brand endorsements. All of those things are the things that your manager is going to be handling.

You want to make sure that you find yourself a very good manager. You also want to make sure that the manager has some sort of experience in the business. If they don’t have a lot of experience, that they have the energy, enthusiasm, and they have a vision for your career that you have had for yourself, or they have a vision for your career that you don’t even have for yourself.

You thought you would only go here and they believe you can go there. That’s probably the number one component of your Entertainment Career Dream Team.          For more information, check out my website; check out my newsletters.

I’m Bob Celestin. Peace.

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