[Video] Your Entertainment Career Dream Team Part 3: Talent Agent

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Welcome, once again.  My name is Bob Celestin. Welcome to my video series Legal Advice for Generation DIY—Generation Hustle. We’re talking about Entertainment Career Dream Team Members. You have the manager, you have an entertainment lawyer, you have an agent, you have a business manager. You want to have these four individuals at some point working with you in helping you get your career from point zero to infinity, okay.

Today, we’re talking about agents. The agent is the person responsible for actually getting you work. Their job is to actually get money into your pocket than you’ve ever seen before. A great agent is going to help you get live performance opportunities, movie deals, acting opportunities and product endorsement opportunities, usually out of L.A. or New York. They usually are licensed under those states laws.

An agent is, probably, one of the more important components of your team. Together with your manager and your entertainment attorney an agent will work towards making sure that you have the best, the most money making opportunities that you can.  You want to make sure that you have an agent that’s got credibility, that’s got a good roster and, obviously, has the experience and relationships.

For more information check out my web site, check out my newsletters.  My name is Bob Celestin, peace.

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