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If you plan on being a professional musician, then you will need to have someone look after the business side of your world. The music industry runs on contracts and very few musicians enjoy taking the time to review all of the legal speak in the average contract. Not only that, but most musicians do not understand the legal language that is in music contracts. That is why you need an experienced legal professional to help you wade through the piles of paperwork the average musician has to deal with and make sure that all of your interests are protected. It does not take much for a musical career to get derailed by a bad contract. Don’t let that happen to you.

One of the primary kinds of musical contracts you will have to deal with is recording contracts. These are highly complex documents that deal with the distribution of money for recording royalties and the responsible parties for recording costs. Many young bands do not take the time to hire a good attorney to review their contracts and find out later that they owe the record label money even though their album was successful. An experienced musical law expert can review a contract and help you negotiate terms that are agreeable for you and the record label. You and the label want to make money, and it is up to the contract to determine where the money goes.

Another important part of musical contracts are touring and live performance provisions. Someone has to pay for all the live performance production that is seen in a concert, and it is usually the artist. The record label fronts the money and the artist pays it back through record sales and ticket sales. But in order for this to be done properly and fairly, there needs to be a contract in place. A good legal expert can make sure that the artist is not going to be liable for too many of the live production expenses. On the other side, the record company needs a lawyer as well to make sure that all of the costs are recovered for live production and touring.

Music contracts make the music industry happen, and you need good legal representation to make sure that your end of an entertainment contract is fair. We are an experienced entertainment law firm that can help you make sure that you only pay the expenses you are responsible for. Call us today and let us help you to understand the contracts you will have to sign for the music industry.

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