The Many Faces of Music Copyright Laws

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When a piece of music is created, it is critically important that the proper chain of ownership be established in order for the owners to be given credit. It is important to remember that the people who actually write the music are not always the ones who own the copyright to it. Copyrights can be bought and sold as well as transferred during the lifetime of a song. As a musician, it can be difficult to understand music copyrights laws. You want to protect your interest in a song, but you also want to get paid by the record label and the publishing company for your work. That is where an experienced entertainment attorney can be extremely helpful in furthering a musician’s career.

Musicians are not the only people who need to understand music copyrights laws and determine how to benefit from them. Record executives, publishing companies and artists looking to perform songs written by other people also need to understand how the laws work. If the copyright is not properly applied, then the ownership of the song could wind up in someone else’s hands. That is why it is so important that all parties involved get their own legal representation involved in copyrighting music. The only way to make certain that your interests are protected is to have an experienced legal professional on your side.

The music copyrights laws don’t stop after the song has been created and released. The owner of the song has the right to stop people who are illegally distributing the music. For example, social networking sites will often have copyrighted music posted on user’s pages. It can all seem innocent, but it is illegal. The owner of the song will have to use legal methods to protect his interests in the song and prevent people from profiting from the song without paying proper royalties. A good legal team can help make sure that all of your copyright interests are protected at all times.

Don’t let your talent or your administrative interests in the creation of a song go unprotected. We offer full consultations on music copyrights laws and we can show you how to protect yourself. Give one of our experienced entertainment lawyers a call today and let us get started on filing the paperwork that will protect your legal rights to a song you have either created, or you own due to other contractual agreements.

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